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The IT industry is awash of an overwhelming range of frameworks, programming libraries and languages. Many of the technologies that are currently trending, will soon be obsolete. On the other hand, "established" but hopelessly out-dated technology continues to be deployed.

> We will help you to choose the right tools for your project

Software Architecture

The purpose of a software architecture is a solid groundwork for your product. The architecture should lead the way for future development, without getting in the way by itself. This often leads to difficult choices and design decisions.

> We will help you to structure your software


The growing complexity of software projects can lead to problems. Necessary extensions become hard or almost impossible to implement because existing functionality cannot be jeopardized.

We are able to quickly familiarize ourselves even with very complex codebases.

> We will help you restructure your software


Devices connected to the internet are subjected to ample security risks. Protective measures and cryptographic algorithms are mandatory for secure operation. Although some of the involved concepts are not easy to grasp, it is in our experience possible to make them understandable for laymen, which is key for secure operation and maintenance. The design of interconnected systems demands delicate trade-offs between security and usability.

> We help you secure your internet connected systems


Graber Software develops software for your project. We attach utmost importance to quality and usability of our software. We have decades of experience in IT and substantial knowledge in many domains of engineering.

> We develop top quality software for you